Candy Is Good For Your Health; Tío Joe Finally Gets To Fiesta!

55 minutes

Rays Talk Show Episode 308: Host Ray Collazo is joined by Co-Host Yashira “Yaya” Rivera and special guest Wellness Guru Candy Calderon. Candy shares what led her to the journey to make women of color healthier and how she combines her passion for wellness with entrepreneurship.

Calderon also shares the exciting news that she is bringing the “Glow Wellness Tour” to Philadelphia on June 8th. Learn about the Glow Wellness Tour and why this is a must attend event for women of color on the East Coast.

Stacking ‘20s: Tío Joe Biden finally shows up to the party. Collazo shares the real premise of Biden’s candidacy and what are the keys to Biden’s chances. The crew discuss how health care as a Presidential election issue and what Candy wants to hear from candidates about wellness policy.

#CompraCorner: Candy reveals to keys to picking a supermarket that is right for you and Collazo talks about the power of the #SofritoConnect.

Rays Talk Show airs as the “What’s Next” Radio Show on WPPM 106.5FM in Philadelphia.

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