Carlos, Felipe, Jackelin, Juan, Unidentified; Next For North Philly?

50 minutes

Rays Talk Show Episode 312: Host Ray Collazo is joined by special guest host Monica Parrilla. The “Comadre of North Philly” and Ray discuss this week’s hottest headlines:

  1. What’s Next For North Philly? Collazo and Parrilla discuss what Councilwoman Maria Quinones-Sanchez means for Philadelphia and what’s lessons did we learn from Tuesday’s elections.
  2. Opiod Crisis: Kensington community of Philadelphia is ground zero of Opiod Crisis for region. Why are Latinos bearing brunt of crisis and what can be done to create equitable change? Collazo asks does this mean Puerto Ricans can camp out in Roxborough?
  3. Carlos, Felipe, Jackelin, Juan, Unidentified….Collazo rants about how Nazism has already begun to creep into our culture and why need to honor the lives of the children that have died in custory of ICE by fighting to not lose one more child.
  4. Stacking ’20s: Collazo updates us on the latest Presidential candidates and channels his Nuyorican friends reaction to their beloved Mayor throwing his hat in the ring.
  5. Debajo La Alfombra: Parrilla lifts up the rung on her first call out in this latest segment. Needless to say, Parrilla don’t like lazy….Collazo and Parrilla also discuss love advice, Nicky Jam upsetting his fans in Orlando and if Puerto Rican food is photogenic.

Podcast airs as radio show on WPPM LP 106.5FM in Philadelphia.

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