Happy Earth Day! Found In Translation Is Back

57 minutes

Found In Translation Talk Show is back with host Rafael “Ray” Collazo and new cohost political communications expert Enrique Chaurand. Chaurand interviews Collazo to catch us up on this past year as Collazo has assumed the role of UnidosUS Action Fund’s Executive Director. UnidosUS Action Fund is the 501c4 political arm of the nation’s largest Latino Civil Rights Organization. Collazo catches us up on his new national platform and the political landscape for Latino voters in 2022.

Collazo and Chaurand are then joined by one of the country’s leading Latina environmentalist, Jessica “Jessie” Buendia. Jessie is the Dream Corps Vice President of Sustainability and National Director of Green For All, a nonprofit program founded by Van Jones to build an inclusive green economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty.

Buendia shares with us the importance of Earth Day and Latino climate change engagement. Collazo and Buendia announce an exciting new partnership between Dream Corps and UnidosUS Action Fund to mobilize Latino voters in Florida around the environment. Follow @jessie_buendia and @greenforall and work together to protect our planet for the next generations.

At end of episode, Collazo makes huge announcement on next steps for both Found In Translation Talk Show and Bomba Live! Follow @fit_talkshow and @bombalivepr for more content that educates, inspires and entertains.  

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