RP195: 1st Step To Stop Hate

28 minutes

Rays Podcast Episode 195: Host Your Virtual Big Brother Ray Collazo provides his reflections on the current mood in the country after the San Bernardino tragedy and how we move forward to unite as a nation. Collazo explains the first step we should all take to move past hate and create a more peaceful society.

Other Highlights of this insightful episode of Rays Podcast:

Ray shares the sequence of emotions he experienced during the moments after the tragedy and why that made him feel uncomfortable.

Why some reactions to these terrible incidents are understandable but ultimately not healthy.

What are the real factors leading to this anxiety and fear?

The one word that sums up the first step to overcoming hate.

What puzzles Ray the most about some reactions to ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.

What is most upsetting about Donald Trump’s political ascent.

Why it is so important for all of us to speak up for the most vulnerable.

What’s cost to all of us that isn’t even being discussed?

How Latinos are being impacted by the nation’s current climate.

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