RP196: Get Life Right In 2016 With Dr. Dinorah Nieves

58 minutes

Rays Podcast Episode 196: Your Virtual Big Brother Ray Collazo is joined by Dr. Dinorah Nieves to help us get life right in 2016. "Dr. Dee" is a wellness practitioner, life coach, writer and motivational speaker known for her unique brand of edgy enlightenment. 

Dr. Dee lays out her roadmap for all of us to "Get Life Right" by strengthening our Mind, Body and Soul. How is Dr. Nieves creating the life she wants through understanding her non-negotiables, meditation and 'getting corny?' 

Dr. Nieves also shares her journey from non-profit management to full-time entrepreneurship in coaching/training field. If you are manager looking to strengthen your leadership skills, employer transitioning into entrepreneurship or anyone planning an amazing 2016, this chat with Dr. Dee is a must listen.

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