RP197: Life Lessons For 2016

50 minutes

Rays Podcast Episode 197: Your Virtual Big Brother Ray Collazo is joined by guests Angel Rodriguez, Cindy Rangel, Joba, Ray Torres, Danna McIntire & Michael Pompanello to discuss their biggest takeaways from 2015. From full-time entrepreneurship, unemployment and motherhood, the panel has gone through many ups and downs this year, but is taking 2015 lessons to get equipped for an amazing 2016.

Valuable Lessons Learned on Episode 197 of Rays Talk Show:

Power of Dreaming: the panel explains why envisioning the life you want is such a powerful step towards fulfilling your long held desires.

Accepting the Journey: Whether we are young or just anxious, many of us need to embrace patience and find time to enjoy the journey towards the life we want.

Live in Faith: If we have faith, then why don’t we live fully in faith instead of wallowing in fear?Power of Blab: Crew discusses what Blab has meant to their 2016. If you aren’t familiar with this cutting edge Live Streaming service, subscribe to Rays Talk Show and get down with the Blab!

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