RP198: Life In Brilliance With Liz A. Garcia

47 minutes

Rays Podcast Episode 198: Your Virtual Big Brother Ray Collazo is joined by Life Coach, Leadership Trainer and Inspirational Speaker Liz A. Garcia. Liz’s Mission is to give 1 Million people the tools to create an amazing existence. On this episode, Liz lays out a blueprint for how all of us can truly live a Life in Brilliance.

Highlights of this life changing episode of Rays Podcast:

The unusual activity that helped Liz have the confidence to excel in high school and seek out higher education.

What does a life of brilliance means to Liz?

How Liz helps us understand how to reframe our story to draw positive strengths from your background, regardless of your childhood struggles.

Why ‘living in uncertainty’ is critical to building a brilliant life. How to build a team that will support you in creating the life you want.

Liz’s step by step guide to transition from being an employee to the boss of your own life!

What we need to all forget about now to save time for the things that really matter. The elements of true leadership that we all need to embrace. How to overcome communication barriers for partners in your life. What social media outlet gives Liz energy and inspiration.

Why you must create a life filled with beautiful adventures.

Key Quote from Liz A. Garcia:

“I’m Not Going to Ask Permission, I’m Going to Make a Decision to Do Something.”

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