RP202: How Virtual Reality Will Change Your World

86 minutes

Rays Podcast Episode 202: Your Virtual Big Brother Ray Collazo is joined by content expert Danilo Rodriguez. Collazo, Rodriguez and guest Carlos Phoenix discuss how Virtual Reality will impact content and our world in 2016.

Highlights of this immersive episode of Rays Podcast:

Danilo Rodriguez describes virtual reality and why it will be content “game changer” in 2016.

Why we are so attracted to the escapism that virtual reality content provides.

How virtual reality will impact content and consumption of film, television and music industries.

How independent content creators should be influenced by presence of immersive media in the media landscape.

Review of Virtual Reality products and content distribution networks now being offered on the market.

How Virtual Reality will influence content channels like Facebook, Google, iPhones and Android platform.

Also listen as Danilo shares his lessons learned from a childhood that started ’20 feet under’ that led him to the Ivy League, Wall Street, Dubai and beyond.

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