RP219: Power of Resilience With Brenda Gonzalez

20 minutes

Rays Talk Show Episode 219: Host Ray Collazo is joined by Brenda Gonzalez of the Tamarindo Podcast to discuss their reflections on the Latino community's energy during these turbulent political times. Brenda and Ray discuss how Latino leaders throughout the country are channeling the power of resilience to combat anti-Latino rhetoric. 

Ray and Brenda recorded this episode in Orlando, Florida during the National Council of La Raza Conference. Ray and Brenda share the significance of Latinos coming together in Central Florida to show solidarity with the victims and families of the Pulse nightclub shooting as well as highlight the critical importance of the Puerto Rican/Latino Vote in the 222 Corridor this election cycle.

Ray and Brenda can't stay away from talking politics. Is Tim Kaine's pick as the Democratic Vice Presidential nominee going to excite Latinos because he speaks espanol? And why aren't their more Latinos in position to become a Vice Presidential nominee? Listen to what Latina Republican got props by Ray!

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