RP242: Only Thing Real Are The Leaks; CHC #Resist; #DayWithoutImmigrants

74 minutes

Rays Talk Show, Episode 242: Host Ray Collazo and guest Elbert Garcia break down this week’s hottest political headlines from the streets.

The week has been marred by mass ICE raids. How are these raids impacting families across the country and Collazo explains why he believes that Russian submarine off the coast is a lot more of a danger than #GuadalupeGarcia or #DanielRamirezMedina. Daniel’s case is particularly troubling since he is in the United States legally as a DACA student. What now defines being a criminal, having Latino friends? Simply have a tattoo that says “Peace” in Spanish?

Collazo and Garcia also review Trump’s wild press conference, how his comments to April Ryan or so disrespectful, the nomination of Alexander Acosta to Department of Labor post, and updates from Miami on movement to call on Mayor Carlos Gimenez to rescind agreement to cooperate with ICE. Listen out for this week’s shoutout segment too.

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