RP243: Anaheim and Transgendered Kids Endangered; Can Perez Close?

63 minutes

Rays Talk Show Episode 243: Hosts Ray Collazo and Elbert Garcia discuss headlines from Latino perspective as the global warming of politics continues. Collazo and Garcia react to the incident in Anaheim, CA as an off duty police officer shoots a gun at end of confrontation with a 13 year old child over kids running on his lawn. How do activists mobilize to hold law enforcement officials accountable to the over-policing of our communities and why didn’t an off duty police officer just talk to the kids’ parents about it?

The Department of Homeland Security announced details of plan to widen net of ICE deportation targets to include essentially entire undocumented population. Collazo and Garcia discuss how these policies actually make many of us feel less safe and why these unsound policies put law enforcement in a difficult position that is leading to more aggressive behavior that deteriorates our civil rights.

Trump Administration also announced withdrawal of federal government protections for transgendered students. Why this disgusting decision continues the Trump administration’s priorities of cruelty, not safety.

Can former Department of Labor Secretary Thomas Perez seal the deal this weekend and become the Chair of the Democratic National Committee or will he fall prey to the struggles of other Dominican ballers closing championships?

And listen in for shoutouts to leaders around the country. What makes buena gente like Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez and Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum deserve some love. Bendicion mami!

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