RP244: Trump Schizophrenia, Perez and Ellison Coalition, Cali Love

57 minutes

Rays Talk Show Episode 245: Host Ray Collazo and Co-Host Elbert Garcia discuss how we can’t get distracted by Trump’s Schizophrenia and the real take away from Trump’s speech to joint session of Congress. Collazo and Garcia also update us on the latest mischief being done by Trump’s Cabinet of Deplorables. Is DeVos serious about her ignorant comments about the HBCU?

Thomas Perez made history this past weekend becoming the Chair of the Democratic National Committee. Collazo shares his thoughts on the real deal about Perez and Congressman and newly minted Deputy Chair Keith Ellison and can Perez get the job done as DNC Chair.

Collazo and Garcia also update us the most important outcome we can expect from the special election taking place for California Congressional District 34 to replace former Congressman Xavier Becerra.

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