RP251: Trump Declares War; PR Parade Drama; Manu; #IDEFY

35 minutes

Rays Talk Show Episode 251: Host Ray Collazo details how Trump's proposed Budget is a declaration of War on working people and especially Latinos. Collazo breaks down how the Administration has a trick up their sleeve to try to literally starve millions of Latino children. He also discusses how you can get engaged with a phone call to 1-866-426-2631 #HandsOff.

Collazo keeps up posted on the ongoing drama impacting the National Puerto Rican Day Parade. Listen to why Collazo thinks the pulling out of corporate sponsors is a blessing and should act as a call to action for all Puerto Ricans to take action.

Collazo also gives props to a Latino sports legend who recently likely played his last game. Saludos Manu!

Join the #IDEFY Campaign and support Planned Parenthood by texting "TALK" to 22422.  

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