RP252: CBO Score Horrible, Trump Budget Worse; DeVos, Black Women Speak Out, Props to Clarence Thomas?

51 minutes

Rays Talk Show Episode 252: Hosts Ray Collazo and Elbert Garcia discuss the hottest political topics of the week. Highlights of Episode 252:

--Gianforte attacks a journalist, teacher calls Latina student a 'likely terrorist,' immigrants gets profiled after being an accident victim. Is Trump's tone putting targets on the back of journalists and people of color?

--The CBO score and Trump's budget plan release confirmed what we already knew: the AHCA and Trump's proposed budget suck. Listen to what Collazo and Garcia say to look out for in continued pushback to AHCA and Budget Legislation. 

--Why Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is a danger to our country and why Clarence Thomas deserves props this week??

--A Latino needs to get this Google Calendar out ASAP to make time for a group of African-American with something to say. 

--Shoutouts to Colorado State Senator Dominick Moreno, the Philadelphia Latino Film Festival and Planned Parenthood. Join their #IDEFY campaign to defy hate by texting "Talk" To 22422. 

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