“She Works Hard, Believes in Jesus & Is Patient;” Is Biden/Abrams A Thing?

58 minutes

Rays Talk Show Episode 303: Host Ray Collazo is joined by Yvette Nunez to discuss how family and faith have steered her journey from the Newark projects to a Vice President at the Chamber of Commerce of Philadelphia. Collazo and Nunez discuss how the current political climate has led to a renewed call to righteousness amongst activists.

Nunez is spearheading the Chamber’s “Neighborhood Growth Project” to bring stakeholders together so all of Philadelphia communities can benefit from economic development. Nunez and Collazo discuss what ‘the streets’ are saying is needed to support working people and small business owners to grow the local economy.

Stacking $20s: Collazo shares his thoughts on a potential Biden/Abrams ticket and what many missed this week in the Presidential race. Nunez and Collazo discuss what they want to hear candidates talk more about during this election cycle.

This episode is dedicated to the victims and their families in Christchurch, New Zealand and shout out to our local Philly artists who inspire us every day with their creativity.

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