Super Tuesday Eve

61 minutes

Found In Translation Episode 357: Host Ray Collazo and Co-Host Elbert Garcia break down what the weekend's political results mean for Super Tuesday and beyond. 

Listen to summary of what big win in South Carolina means for Vice President Joe Biden's viability and for Senator Bernie Sanders' front runner status. 

Collazo and Garcia also analyze how Tom Steyer and Pete Buttigieg's stepping down from race impact Super Tuesday and what the true battle is in Democratic politics that day. 

Special guest and Sanders supporter Leyla Martinez joins the show from the Valley of South Texas to discuss her observations from campaigning for Bernie Sanders throughout the early states the past several weeks.  Martinez also shares how Sanders has connected with her as a criminal justice reform activist. 

Collazo and Garcia also note how the Senator Ted Cruz vs. AOC social media beef sums up our concerns about how Trump administration will handle the Coronavirus crisis and what Bad Bunny's smash debut of new banger #YHLQMDLG means for pop culture and Latino politics. #RIP Alexa

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