“Then I Don’t Know What We Are Here Doing?”

50 minutes

Rays Talk Show Episode 304: Hosts Ray Collazo and Yaya Rivera break down all of this week’s extraness in the news.

Mueller Report: AG Bob Barr’s interpretation of Special Counsel Mueller’s report is leaving us feeling played. The hosts analyze how Democrats should balance holding Administration accountable to transparency while pivoting to bread and butter issues that will ultimately decide next year’s election.

Decoding AOC: In our hot new segment, Collazo and Rivera decode Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s latest statement to clapback the ‘elitist’ accusation. Listen to learn how to interpret a fierce Bronx Puerto Rican woman’s brilliant rants.

Puerto Rico, Oh: Trump is trying to block needed resources that literally keep food on the table for millions of American citizens in Puerto Rico while Congressman Darren Soto (D-FL) introduced a bill to make Puerto Rico the 51st State. Does this make sense? What do we do to help Puerto Rico develop a real plan for the future of the island?

This podcast is aired as a radio show on WPPM 106.5FM PhillyCAM Radio in Philadelphia. #RIP Petra Vazquez.

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