Viera Vida Experience; Latino Decisions For 2020

52 minutes

Rays Talk Show Episode 310: Host Ray Collazo is joined by Julie Viera and Chantel Brown of the Viera Vida Radio Show.

Viera Vida Experience: Julie and Chantel discuss how they have crafted the Viera Vida brand to be a platform for Latina sisterhood and unity. They explain how to take sisterhood to action and how they have used the platform to grow out of their own insecurities.

Mother’s Day: The crew discusses what the Mother’s in their lives mean to us; how motherhood impacts our personal and career lives and how all of us can support our mothers.

Latino Decisions Poll on Latino Voters: Rays Talk Show reveals the results of a new poll of Latino voters. Listen to what is clear to Latinos leading up to the Presidential Elections and what is the biggest issue we should be mobilizing around. Political analyst Miguel Concepcion joined this segment of show to share lessons learned organizing Puerto Rican voters and Collazo calls out a segment of community leadership that needs to keep it real.

Viera Vida also announces their exciting summer plans. Rays Latino Talk Podcast is also aired as the “What’s Next Radio Show” on WPPM 106.5FM in Philadelphia #PeoplePoweredMedia.

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