Where's The Leadership? Plus, Little Ray's Heroes

41 minutes

Host Ray Collazo asks the question “Where’s the Leadership?” on our gun violence crisis. Collazo calls on many sectors to get engaged as our country becomes a prison state.

Collazo provides updates on Immigration news headlines and provides analysis on how we need to view this challenge on our Southern border. He also shares his thoughts on Puerto Rico Governor Pedro Pierlusi’s comments accusing his own people of being xenophobic and racist.

Collazo opens up about the biggest mental health challenge he has had in years. How the 76ers recently triggered him through the memories of his childhood heroes and villains.

Also watch commentary and highlights from journalist Bianca Graulau on Governor Pierlusi’s comments, Mehdi Hasan on shameful CNN Trump Townhall, MC Planetary on his hip hop music journey, and Joel Berrocal’s take on Bad Bunny’s appearance on WWE Backlash in Puerto Rico.

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