“You’re Welcomed;” Flippin’ Texas; Puerto Rican Homework

30 minutes

Found In Translation Episode 327: Ray Collazo analyzes the potential impact on the recently announced “Public Charge Rule” on immigrants and all Americans. Collazo also shares what this announcement really means for our politics and where we can find information to advocate for our immigrant families moving forward.

Flippin’ Texas: The most important announcement that will impact 2020 elections took place today with the news that activist Cristina TzinTzun Ramirez has entered Senate Race in Texas against Republican Senator John Cornyn. Collazo breaks down why TzinTzun Ramirez is what we need right now and why Texas must be in play for us in 2020.

Puerto Rican Homework: Shoutout to David Begnaud for inspiring Collazo’s homework assignment for all Puerto Ricans and all people that care about boricuas.

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